What are the CareStar Awards?

The CareStar Awards were created to recognize and highlight the work and contributions of the home care aides and bring greater awareness to the importance of the home care industry to the New York medical ecosystem.

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What are the CareStar Awards?

While many people are still unaware or devalue the contribution of the over 450,000 HCWs—Home Health aides and Personal Care Assistants in NYC and Long Island, the Anchor Group, in collaboration with several industry partners present the CareStar Awards 2020. The CareStar Awards recognizes the important roles and contributions of HCWs to our communities; caring for clients and supporting their aging in place, thereby, allowing their families to continue to engage in their daily professional and social lives. In short, HCWs are pivotal to the productivity working of NYC and its health care system.

Who Are CareStars?

The awards spotlight the work and contributions of home care workers in NYC and Long Island

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Who Are CareStars?

The CareStar Awards created to recognize and highlight the work and contributions of the home care aides and bring greater awareness to importance of the home care industry to the New York medical ecosystem. Shining the light on home health aides is critical to the sustenance of the industry, recognizing their invaluable work and commitment to the delivery of quality care to clients and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the requirements of the nomination process?

Your name and contact information, the name of your nominee, and an essay of 200 words or less to explain how the nominee meets the criteria of a CareStar. Include two examples of how the nominee has exhibited an extraordinary commitment to quality patient care. Additional documents (awards, articles, letters, etc.) further demonstrating the nominee’s work can also be uploaded.

Q. Can an aide be nominated for more than one award category?

No, the nominator must ensure that aides are nominated for the category that best represents their contribution to the profession.

Q. Who may nominate someone for a CareStar award?

A caregiver can be nominated by their employer, community social program, or a patient. A caregiver that is nominated by a patient must have a community leader or professional and a co-worker.

Q. I know the perfect person to nominate. However, I’m hesitant about my writing skills. What advice can you give? What are the judges looking for in a winning entry?

Having professional writing skills is not essential for writing a good entry. After giving a brief, but thorough, background on the nominee, remember to provide specific examples of why that person deserves the award. Does he/she go out of his/her way to help patients? Give two examples. Do they always show co-workers how special they are? Give an example. Is there one heroic or meaningful event that stands out? Be as descriptive as possible. Does the nominee participate in good works outside their job? Tell us about them. Remember, the judges don’t know the nominee as well as the nominator – as such, an essay and examples are required. The entries that stand out above the others are those that describe the various reasons the nominator and other co-workers believe the nominee is an extraordinary caregiver.

Q. Who can be nominated?

Each nominee, except for the posthumous nominations, must be a home health aide, personal care assistant, personal assistant, or housekeeper that has been working actively for the last 12-months.

Q. May I submit a posthumous nomination?

Yes. There is one award that will be for a home care aide that has contributed to the field. A member of the family or the nominating agency must be able to attend the awards banquet and collect the award on August 6, 2020.

Q. How is the winner selected?

The winners are selected based on several rounds of activities. The judging committee will fully select thirteen of the awards. However, the six City Pride Awards and the CareStar of the Year Award will be made based on scores generated from the judges and voting from community members.

Q. What does the winner receive?

The CareStar winner receives a CareStar plaque, citation, cash award, and other gifts procured from the event sponsors. The awardee will get one ticket to attend the awards dinner – March 2021

Q. How do we determine the borough/city that the caregiver is nominated in?

The caregiver can self-select the borough to be represented in based on their physical address, the address of an agency that the caregiver has worked for more than 12months, or the city of a client that the caregiver has worked for at least 12months. If the caregiver uses the city of the client, the caregiver or the agency must be able to provide proof of the length of work.


The 2020 events focus on home care workers. Home care workers (HCWs) have been critical to supporting continuous care for seniors and disabled individuals in New York City.

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