Who Are CareStars?

CareStars are exceptional and committed post-acute care health, mental health, and social services workers making a difference in clients’ lives in communities and home settings

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Who Are CareStars?

CareStars are dedicated and exceptional professionals in home and community care, encompassing health, mental health, and social services. They make a profound impact on the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our communities.

The CareStar Awards aim to honor and spotlight the remarkable efforts and contributions of paraprofessional and allied healthcare workers. By doing so, they increase awareness of the pivotal role these individuals play within the healthcare ecosystem. In its second year, the Awards continue to shed light on the crucial work of home and community care workers. The Awards spotlight not only advances the industry but also acknowledges their unwavering dedication to providing high-quality care to clients and their families.

What are the CareStar Awards?

The CareStar Awards recognize and highlight the work and contributions of post-acute care workers in 2023— the focus is on home care workers—bringing greater awareness to the importance of home and community-based services to the New York medical ecosystem.

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What are the CareStar Awards?

The CareStar Awards, an initiative of the Anchor Group (www.anchorgroupcorp.com), in collaboration with several community-based organizations, spotlights the often-overlooked contributions of healthcare workers. In 2023, our Awards honored Home Care Workers. This year, the 2024 Awards will celebrate the efforts of both Home Care and Community Health Workers in New York City.

Despite their vital role, many fail to recognize the contributions of over 130,000 Home Care Workers—comprising Home Health Aides and Personal Care Assistants—in NYC, as well as the over 6,400 Community Health Workers. These dedicated individuals make a difference every day.

The 2024 CareStar Awards recognize the crucial roles and contributions of Home Care and Community Health Workers in our communities. They provide essential care to clients, enabling them to age in place, access necessary services, and maintain their professional and social lives. In essence, Home Care and Community Health Workers are indispensable to the functioning of NYC and its healthcare system. Their ability to foster trust, build relationships, and enhance communication between patients and providers is fundamental to improving individual and community health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the requirements of the nomination process?

  • Nominations are conducted online and should not exceed 60 seconds. Anyone can nominate a CareStar. Explain in under 60 seconds why you believe your nominee should be a CareStar.
  • Share the nomination on any of the following social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also send a nomination video to Anchor’s WhatsApp at ______________.
  • In the nomination post, include the hashtag #CareStarAwards and either #CHW for Community Health Worker nominations or #HCW for Home Care Worker nominations.
  • Include the first and last name of the nominee in the post and attach a photograph of the nominee or tag their social media account.
  • Tag the page @CareStarAwards2024.

Q. How many awards will be given?

  • We will award 15 CareStars to Home Care Workers and 10 CareStars to Community Health Workers.

Q. Who may nominate a CareStar?

  • Anyone may send a nomination video for a Carstar.

Q. Are there any residency requirements for a nominee?

  • Yes, a CareStar nominee must be a resident of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, or Long Island.

Q. What should be included in the 60-second video nomination?

  • Speak sincerely and add a touch of fun.
  • Mention your nominee’s name.
  • Provide a brief introduction to who your nominee is.
  • Highlight your nominee’s passion for their work.
  • Explain what makes your nominee stand out and why they should be one of the CareStars for 2024.
  • Share any sacrifices the nominee makes to deliver top-quality service.
  • Mention any community involvement your nominee has.
  • Include a photo of the nominee in the video or feature them directly.

Q. Who qualifies to be a CareStar?

Each nominee must be a home health aide, personal care assistant, or housekeeper who has been working actively for the last 12 months, and works a full-time schedule of at least an average of 30 hours per week.

Q. How is the winner selected?

The winners are chosen through multiple rounds of activities. The judging committee’s input, along with public voting, contributes to the final score.

Q. What does the winner receive?

The CareStar winners receive CareStar plaques, citations, cash awards, and gifts from event sponsors. Each awardee will also receive one complimentary ticket to attend the awards dinner.


The 2020 events focus on home care workers. Home care workers (HCWs) have been critical to supporting continuous care for seniors and disabled individuals in New York City.

  • Nomination Opens – May 6
  • Nomination Closes – May 31
  • June 14 – Top 100 Nominees will be selected
  • July 15 – Top 50 Nominees will be selected