Judging The CareStar Awards

The Anchor Group is a strategic consulting firm in the homecare industry and has been operating in New York City for the last decade. The Company will host its inaugural CareStar Awards on August 3, 2023, collaborating with several healthcare industry stakeholders.

We invite you to serve as one of the judges for the CareStar Awards

The time commitment for each judge would be an average of 15 hours over two months!

Nominations open March 16, 2023
Nominations end  April 30, 2023


Shortlisted candidates will be announced by  18 May 2023

There are six awards categories: Longevity, Conqueror, Advocate, Compassion, Elevation, In Memoria

Each shortlisted nominee should provide at least two references. At least one of the references should be from a client or a co-worker and the other from a community leader or professional.

References should be submitted by  23 June, 2023


All shortlisted candidates will be interviewed to determine their understanding of the awards and to learn more about their contribution to the home care professional.

The three candidates with the highest scores will be selected from each County. In addition, we will select the two runner-up candidates with the highest score to make the Top 20 Home Care Workers in NYC & Nassau County.


The six County-Pride CareStar Awards will be based on community participation and interview from the final panel of seven judges

Voting will open on 10 July  2023

The CareStar of the Year will be given to the person with the highest overall score

All awards will be presented on 3 August 2023, at the CareStar Awards event

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Targeted Speakers and Judges

The CareStar team expects to receive at least 200 nominations in the 2023 Award Season. We are looking to have 15 judges to support the judging of the awards.

Our speakers and judges hail from diverse audiences which include:

  • Health Plan CEOs and C-Suite Executives
  • Presidents of Home Health Care Associations and Networks
  • IT and Software Providers
  • Home Care Research Firms
  • Accountants
  • Union Representatives
  • Home Health Aide Training Program Administrators
  • CDPAP Providers
  • Heads of Independent Home Care Associations
  • Business Brokers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Specialist Home Services Providers
  • Physician Groups and Doctors’ Offices
  • Attorneys
  • Churches and Senior Community Groups
  • Disability Services and Groups
  • Government Departments and Agencies

How Can I Participate?

We know your participation would make these activities more memorable.

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How Can I Participate?

CareStars are selected based on several rounds of activities. The judging committee will fully select thirteen of the awards. However, the six City Pride Awards and the CareStar of the Year Award will be made based on scores generated from the judges and voting from community members.

It would be an honor to have you as one of the judges. We know your participation would make these activities more memorable.

Inquire about our judging committee by completing the linked form before February 17, 2020.

All judges will be recognized on the CareStar social media, website, and in the conference journal

For more information on becoming a judge, email carestaraward@anchorgroupcorp.com


  • End of Summer Boat RideHome Health Care Leaders /
  • Nomination Closes
  • Nomination OpensPress Conference /
  • Health Care Leaders MeetTop-20 Announcement /
  • Top 20 Taping & Home Care Worker Makeovers
  • Online Voting
  • CareStar Awards Gala


CareStar Nominees


Award Finalists